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The Cadence Tablet

Recently, a revolutionary tablet for the visually impaired was introduced in Lafayette, Indiana. Tactile Engineering, the company behind the tablet, is committed to developing and providing technology that enhances the lives, learning, and career opportunities for individuals with blindness and visual impairment. Through this tablet, it has enabled blind and visually impaired individuals to access digital content more easily. The Cadence tablet is a pocket-sized device (approximately the size of a large mobile phone) with 48 cells of 8-dot refreshable braille, divided into four lines of 12 cells each and the cells adhere to the standard braille spacing and height. This tablet is interesting because the tablets can be connected together. This means that if four tablets are connected, they form a desktop quartet that thus offers eight lines of 24 cells each. Thus, it is possible to use different configurations to optimise activities: connecting two or four Cadence tablets to create a larger screen for detailed graphics, or putting a single tablet in one's pocket for quick access to apps and notes on the go.

This tablet features Perkins keys for writing and numerous buttons for navigation and control via a directional pad, selecting lines, accessing labels and menus, and highlighting objects through seven multi-use keys. It also consumes very little energy, allowing it to be used for several days even with heavy usage. The USB port is very user-friendly and allows for easy connection to a computer.

Cadence is a revolutionary tablet because it has a braille display that allows users to read and interact with digital content using their fingers without needing sound. This tablet allows for playing games, reading books, and browsing the Internet, all using the braille display. The tactile device is capable of displaying tactile graphics that move and change under the fingers. This tablet offers a whole new way to access dynamic content and multi-line braille, including pop-up highlights and labels, graphs that update in real-time, live video feeds, and fast-paced entertainment apps.

This tablet illustrates the ability of technology to overcome barriers and promote inclusion in the world.

We do not know the price or the technology behind, but we will stay tuned!


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