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Artificial Intelligence for People with Visual Impairments

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

On Thursday 28 September, at the engaging "Hirn vom Hahn" event - a forum where scientists and enthusiasts gather to share their latest research over a drink - Larbi Abdenebaoui, a member of the @ABILITY project at @OFFIS, captivated the audience with an insightful presentation. His talk, aptly titled 'Artificial Intelligence for People with Visual Impairments', explored the significant challenges faced by visually impaired people in navigating the digital world.

Abdenebaoui masterfully used the metaphor of AI as a magician's tool, emphasising that much like the "secrets" behind a magician's tricks, there's always a logical explanation for how AI works. His focus was on demystifying aspects of AI, particularly in image processing, and how it can be a game changer in making digital content more accessible to the visually impaired. This event highlights the critical role of AI in breaking down barriers to accessibility, and paves the way for further innovation in this area. As we continue to explore and understand AI's capabilities, it's clear that its potential to improve lives has only just begun to be unlocked.

Stay tuned for more updates on such transformative work at the intersection of AI and accessibility.

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