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Inclusive crisis management/preparedness

Preparing and planning for crises is important. At the same time, persons with different types of disabilities are often not considered or involved, and are instead left out of the crisis planning process. It is also not unusual to find that information sent out to the public is inaccessible to some. At Lund University and Chalmers Technical University, Sweden, we are currently working in a project on how to make crisis information, preparations and planning more inclusive. So far, we have had a series of workshops involving both people working with crisis planning and people from different end user organizations. One of the preliminary findings is the importance of not only having access to accessible information, but also of actually practicing. As an example, a person who is blind, will need to practice routes to important points beforehand. As for information, it is crucial with accessible information, but one needs to realize that power failures are a common consequence in many disasters, so you can’t rely solely on web based information.

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