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Testing of the Metec Tablet

17 January 2024


Prof. Bellik is a researcher at the University of Orsay, in Paris, France (check link on the right for his publications). He has been conducting a lot of work on information transmission for the visually impaired and notably with pin displays to study the representation of graphical elements and their recognition. He invited the CEA team today to test the Metec tablet and their different tested representations. It was very interesting and enabled us to understand even more the requirements in terms of force, sensing, etc. for the future pin display of the ABILITY project. It was also informative in terms of display and exploration techniques. It also opened up a possible collaboration as soon as we have prototypes usable for user studies. We are looking forward to discuss this further with Prof. Bellik's team!

Useful links*

Laboratoire d'informatique pour la mécanique et les sciences de l'ingénieur, Rue du Belvédère, Orsay, France

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