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Reflections from low fi workshop in Lithuania

23 October 2023


In the low-fi workshop conducted in Lithuania, the focus was on creating a more inclusive and accessible digital experience for individuals with visual impairments. The participants, including both blind and partially sighted individuals, engaged in various prototyping exercises that aimed to improve their understanding of how technology could better cater to their needs. Here are some key reflections and insights gathered from the workshop.

The workshop revealed that the prototyping exercises effectively conveyed ideas, allowing participants to grasp how the proposed technologies could work and sparking valuable discussions.

Participants emphasized the significance of touch on the pin display, recognizing its role in providing tactile feedback. Even with limited functionality, the tactile aspect was deemed crucial for the blind.

There was a consensus among participants that incorporating tapping and double-tapping gestures would enhance the overall usability of the technology, providing additional means of interaction.

Attendees indicated a strong desire for the pin display to be seamlessly integrated with their existing devices, such as smartphones, emphasizing the importance of connectivity.

The workshop underscored the potential of artificial intelligence in adapting images and objects to make them more understandable through touch on the pin display. Participants acknowledged the significance of AI-generated descriptions.

Traditional buttons were identified as a popular and familiar mode of interaction, reinforcing the importance of incorporating standard elements in accessible design. Consistent with usability principles, participants stressed the importance of using standard ways of interaction, including recognized gestures, to make the technology more intuitive.

The low-fi workshop in Lithuania served as a valuable platform for gathering user insights and preferences, paving the way for the development of more user-centric and accessible technologies for individuals with visual impairments in ABILITY project.

Vilmantas Balčikonis

Vice president of The Lithuanian association of the blind and partialy sighted

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