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Co-design workshop with Valentin Haüy Association (France)

26 January 2024


We are continuing our co-design workshops with future users of the Ability project, and thanks to the Valentin Haüy association (which serves the blind and partially sighted in France), we were able to organise tests with new panellists in January 2024.

This new feedback will enrich our database, and it is on this basis that we will be drawing up a set of specifications to be met during project development, in terms of hardware, software, interaction and device design, in order to offer the most appropriate solution possible.

These moments of exchange with future users are essential to the development of the solution, and also enhance the value of all those involved in the project, who through their expertise and day-to-day use, contribute enormously to the development of beneficial innovations.

So thank you to the panellists and the partner associations who are supporting them!

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