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Human Centred, Multisensory Device Creation
Your door to the digital world

Our goal is to eliminate the existing barriers for blind and visually impaired people in education, employment and leisure and to promote cooperation with sighted people. For that, we aim to provide a multisensory device covering the wide range of visual disabilities and needs of the visually impaired population, through combinations of tactile, visual and auditory feedbacks.

User Centric Design

AI Algorithms

Best in class device

With the Right Technology, Great Things Can Happen

We aim to design a comprehensive portable solution to tackle current accessibility issues of digital content by the visually impaired, incl. the deafblind. In doing so, we will establish Europe as a world leader in developing accessibility solutions. 


Technology demonstration

ABILITY project strives to make digital content accessible to visually impaired people. We will follow demand led use case scenarios for our project technology demonstration. We envision these will correspond to the known issues relating to full-page text, mixed content and particularly images or more real-time content such as video streams.

A boy browsing the internet

Online shopping

In this use case we will provide novel means to access the webpages and counteract their lack of accessibility.

Various charts from mathematics

Learning Mathematics

We will work on providing access to scientific notations through the multiple lines of Braille, as well as access to the associated graphical information (e.g. bar charts representation or line-charts) or content mixing both textual and graphical layout (e.g. tables) using also the localised feedback features.

A person having video conference with colleagues

Teleworking with video conference

We will explore how the novel multisensory capabilities and full page pin display can help convey screen share information during video calls to enable an enhanced inclusion and participation of all visually impaired colleagues

A person trying to navigate


We will use pin matrix display and the multisensory feedback to provide not only an overview of the map layout, but also more semantic content about the items on the map and possibly textures, to ease the exploration and help improve the building of the corresponding mental map.

Get Ready to Feel the Unseen with Our Solutions

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