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Tactile Tour

From November 6 to 18, 2023, a unique exhibition took place in Brussels. Nowadays, individuals with visual impairments may face challenges accessing artworks in museums because, firstly, it is impossible to touch them directly, and paintings are often in 2D. This is why the Valentin Haüy Association (France) and the Ligue Braille joined forces to offer a tactile exhibition to provide access to 12 major works of art. 3D printing technology was used to achieve a precise, detailed, and robust rendering, allowing visually impaired individuals to feel the artworks. The technology envisioned in the European project Ability could enable the representation of 2D artworks in 3D, allowing users to interact with them, rotate, zoom, etc., in a more comprehensive way than 3D printing. This is definitely something that we will keep in mind.

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