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Br'eye, the fun way to learn Braille

Handi Exceller came up with the "Br'eye" device in response to a specific problem: to offer independent, fun and inclusive learning of Braille. The project was developed with the help of visually impaired people and Braille professionals. The objects in the "Br'eye" kit can be used to learn writing through games, in a progressive, customizable way, for a more fun and motivating experience for youngsters. The product is based on a first part where the user learns Braille in the traditional way, and a second part where the learner trains regularly by touching the Braille. All this is done via a box and a system of tokens to be placed in the right order. The device is capable of detecting errors and helping the user to correct himself.

This high-impact project was originally developed by a student entrepreneur in France, and has already been awarded the Pépite prize by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

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